Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I  put   contact paper on my  stair risers    and I like it a lot  I   wanted to  try it    to see if I will like it before I paint or   use  wall paper because contact paper is easily removed  just in case I didn't like the    two tones  on the stairs ,    

a few other ideas  I have been thinking about  -   I am thinking  of using a  piece of canvas as a  table cloth  or  a framed  canvas  in to of the craft  table top  -    gathering bits of glue  and paint,  markers ( when I test to see if it works) ink, crayon , and   scraps of paper  stuck in mod podge , glitter,   bits of broken holiday   ornaments ,coffee rings   spills of  whatever food or   drinks I am  enjoying as I  work.  I often look at  the top of my craft area and think  that is art ....    and  chuckle ,  so now I think I will   try this for 6 months and see   how I feel then .  another is as a smock I found a  white lab coat  with pockets  at garden ridge,  inexpensive     to toss on while I work on a project    and  on a whim I   doodle on the sleeve or the back    . write a note  or a number   I want to remember  -  now it is looking  good with the bits of  marker and  paint   along with my doodling -   I am happy to  put it on   .  also pondering a project with jeans ....

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