Thursday, May 24, 2018

mod 1060's

 the  look we  went  for  was  mod  and the makeup  we loved  was Yardly  we loved lots of    mascara  and pale  pink lips and  water color type paint on  eyeliner ,  I wore bangs  that  swept down on  the sides . to shoulder  length hair  -   of  course it grew longer .

Monday, May 21, 2018

my look in highschool

once I  formed a  look    my look was  Lois Lane looking suits  with the skirt   cut and  hemmed  to a mini   skirt  - I loved  it with a white shirt and  tie ,  or  a  blazer    with a  shirt and  tie  with jeans   it was my look  because I couldnt    afford  the mod  look  suits I loved   ,   and my mom dated a  guy  dry cleaners  and he  let  her have all the    clothes   that  was stored in the back  for years  that  no one came back dor  it  filled our  basement  with  racks of  clothes  and I got to  go pick  things that fit me  that I could  alter  ,    the  first  style per say  I had in my life   , I   wore only  hand me  downs  and  school  uniforms  all my  life  with the  exception of  3  dresses    bought for school   at    for  second  grade . and a dress  for  highschool and  jeans   of  course , I got cheap  shoes   because  that is what I could  afford    so I worked  baby sitting  to get  a  good  pair of  shoes    a  mod pair of  wingtips   they  were  great  ,  suits  with  vests    I loved and  looked good in  ,  I even had  friends  like the look so much  they  scoured the  salvation army  and  good will  for womens  suits  too . and mens  dress  shirts and ties ,  in summer  it was  Tshirts and jeans  shorts  and  buffalo  sandals ,  we  made purses out of old mens  lunch boxes  and decoupaged mod  pictures on them  ,   or   pouches made from  the bottoms of the long  skirts  we cut  making mini  skirts . our  jeand soon got a triangle   of   bright  fabric   on the  sides to become bell bottoms ,  I would  embroidery  flowers  on  jeans too 

Friday, May 18, 2018


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I  have signed on to hospice , I know we all die , cross over , pass away , I am not afraid at this point . I still make my art and love my family , I have talked to my drs about any fears I have , and pain is a fear , and struggling to breath is a fear , my hospice people have meds for pain and machines to help me breath if my oxygen is not enough . sure I get anxious of the unknown , I am spiritual , I believe in zen more than any other, oneness with the universe .     I dont see death as bad . just a continuance in a different form . I will enjoy every minute I can here , I was diagnosed with a terminal lung condition over 12 years ago (alpha 1 a d ) I have been on oxygen since and get weekly infusians , I cried for 3 months and drooled on my pillow from anti anxiety meds , and desided if I was gonna die I wanted to live the best I can , my dr found (the infusions ) and I jumped into doing my old love arts and crafts , the infusians has given me many years with my son, daughter  and husband . then last year the cancer put a damper on my already strained ammune system . the treatment was just to stop the worst of it at the time .. so I see these past 10 years have been a gift ( my origional diagnosis was for just a couple of years survival , until treatment was found , and my insurance company fought it but so did my doctor and finally they paid for it ) I am weak but I can still enjoy some  things  .  I  love  my  children   forever  .   thanks mr griff  for  your addition to my life .

Sunday, April 29, 2018


I have an inherited condition called alpha 1 antitrypsin defency and stage 4 COPD from it , I went through chemo and radiation for stage 4 cervical cancer last summer , my cervex is clear mut the cancer moved to my lung and liver , with my luns being so weak I would not survive chemo again , I have been on oxygen for 12 years , and am living out my days doing my artwork and loving my family and life as much as I can . I want them to remember the fun times not the bad , I have been very lucky to look basicly well except for the oxygen tubes . I know the grief is strong at first but after a while you can smile and enjoy the good memories ..