Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Good Bye Areatha

I  played  scratch off  bingos    today  for  fun   and  got a  sweet memory    - when Adam was  -3  & 4  and learned the alphabet and his  numbers  I would get bingo scratch  off   tickets  and  he  wold  carefully    scratch off  ( with a dime )   the  numbers and  carefully     find and    scratch off the matching  ones on the cards  ,  it  really  helped   him  ,  get the sight memory of the letters and  numbers .   what a sweet memory  my eyes  welled up   for a    few minutes .

Thursday, May 24, 2018

mod 1060's

 the  look we  went  for  was  mod  and the makeup  we loved  was Yardly  we loved lots of    mascara  and pale  pink lips and  water color type paint on  eyeliner ,  I wore bangs  that  swept down on  the sides . to shoulder  length hair  -   of  course it grew longer .