Saturday, March 31, 2012

rummaging for the rummage sale ...

 as I am going through  things   looking to downsize and sell at the  rummagepalooza  - a  charity event  for TOCO  a local     event  for charity -  I keep finding things   -    that I had in mind for a project - like my collection of   old embroidery  pieces  - or a collection of  vintage sheets  - I want to cover  big square  comfy pillows with the   images of the Flintstones and the  Peanuts Gang   along with   flowers    and  paisley  prints and   fun polka dots ,  what to do what to do  - mmmmm , I will keep these  - lol ...     I am  going through books  and  chotchkies   yes I have many   I have a   doll house  shaped  shelf that could be a doll house or a  small shelf  -  that will go -  I have a 70's vintage changing table - that will go  -  I have an old   baby/doll bed ----    it goes too ...  and old  bassinet - it goes  -  a  bed side table  - it goes too.-  a- maybe not ...   ok boxes  -  of  things in the garage  -  yes much will go . -  well then -  I need to  start  - the act of   doing it  .


  1. Good luck clearing out it does feel great when you donate~

  2. thanks Diane - it sounds easier than it really is but I am determined.