Thursday, April 5, 2012

oh the stuff I am finding

as I  look through  the stuff in my garage   I have found  some  gems . So far I I sent  3 boxes of stuff  and  a washers  set (toss game)  to the TOCO shop thrift store  for resale .  ashtrays,  vintage  goodies , some  pictures and  Pyrex   items .  it is time they find a new home . a  small dent   and  my sons collection of  pizza boxes  - gone ----   so it  looks roomier already but I have much more to go through . I have set aside  things  to work on    some other things to list on etsy    then  some things for the   Rummage-palooza sale  a big collection of  aprons,  I have them stored  some in the garage and some in the  spare closet ,  heck there is quite a few.   and   figurines I have quite a few of them too.     but I found some  lovely  embroidered sweaters   I got  to make wreaths and forgot  I had ,   a nice diversion from the dusty garage  will be making a   wreath .  then back to work

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