Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4th

Penny Proffet . it's been 27 years since she died, a lot of life has happened in that time - I think about my friend all the time , and time has healed a lot and the sorrow has brought me joy because in knowing one you get to know the other. I am always thankful that she was my friend .
since that time I have been an advocate for the suicide hot line
please remember it - save it - it could help you or a loved one or family member . or anyone you know that can use someone to talk to , you don't need to give a name you, can call from a phone booth - they just want (yes want) to help.
and if you are dealing with the loss of someone through suicide there is help too.
you are not alone please seek help.
it's ok to get some help to get over the hurdles in life.
suicide does not stop the pain - the pain is given to the ones left behind - please call for help.

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