Saturday, January 9, 2010

more books

I got a bunch of kids books at my local goodwill store . they are all mostly from the 1950's and adorable with charming pictures inside . I tucked them away in my library - upstairs in my studio loft and the spare room . the spare room I have things boxed ready for the attic space. I also have my sewing machine . and many books. I hope to have a bed up there - a trundle sounds good that way I can have space and a guest room . I have been working on organizing so I have the boxes marked - I have a TV in the room too . I bought a new organizing shelf system for the closet hopefully I can get that in in the next week or 2 . right now there is a pole and shelf with about 4 feet of lost space on top. I have stuff to go there. the weather is bitter cold so working on my rooms is a better choice than going out.
it is taking time but hopefully it will be great when I'm done.
I need plenty of space for my cases too . the unfinished ones can go in the attic but the finished ones need to be kept at room temperature .
Oh where is Nate Berkus when you need him.
he would know how to pull it all together with style . I think he would like the upstairs bathroom with my vintage atlas book pages as wallpaper.

I want the entire upstairs to inspire me . well wish me luck.

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