Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I found this gnome Book of Christmas crafts at the the book fair - it's a favorite find . this was a big hit in 1976 and again in the 1980's with the David the Gnome TV show for kids . I am inspired to make some of these goodies and will post them when they are done. there are patterns in the book for everything here - puppets - ornaments - a quilt - cookies - dolls
-so many cute things - this is going to be fun
mmmmm a gnome wreath , I'm gonna do it.
the book fair was a joy - for a book lover like me.
it was set up in different categories . I got a bunch of sheet music and music books, and children's books, cook books, art books, magazines, it was so fun. I took my son and a friend with me and got them books too. you can never have too many books - although it may seem like it when one moves...


  1. The gnome book looks really fun. I am sure you will make good use of the sheet music on your wreaths. I would have spent all my time in the cookbook section :)

  2. you would have Rochelle R
    there were a couple of hundred.