Wednesday, May 13, 2009


my computer has crashed and I am getting it repaired if that can't be done then I will get another. In the mean time I am using a borrowed one - I miss my pictures - all of my booked marked items are gone I will need to re-find my favorites - I'm bummed. but I'll get over it. so until I am back with my own computer no pictures. I had a nice mothers day, Rach was in town the sat. before and we went to brunch and had a short visit. and Adam and I hung out moms day - thanks to them I am a mother and they have made it a joy, all these years- I am forever organizing my craft studio.I am working on more atc's for my business cards I love making them and I get such a good reaction when I hand them out. I love promoting art. Everyone can do something creative they just need to find that creative outlet.


  1. It is a real bummer to have computer problems isn't it. I lost all my favorite bookmarks and all the blogs on my blog reader when my computer went bad a few months ago. I still haven't found some of the blogs again. Hope you can get yours fixed to avoid the expense of a new one.

  2. I got a new one and every day is a bit of a challenge - Hi Rochelle R - thanks for stopping in.