Monday, April 27, 2009

my figurines have new friends I found 2 more at goodwill and they are beautiful . I am still working on my studio slowly of course I am still looking for shelves - I'm thinking of industrial shelves - I can Velcro some fabric to hide the clutter - as a recycle artist I have so much - many books, many magazines, and collections of toys and figurines - ornaments - wreaths - a a multitude of fabric - gift wrap - buttons - linens -dolls - you get the picture. these beauties I'll enjoy for a while and then put them in my etsy store . at . they are just too big to use in a wreath . A Marie Antoinette lover might like them. I had hoped to look for the shelved today but it has been pouring outside . I hate trying to drive and park and run in and out of the rain. perhaps it will let up in a while . I'll give it an hour or so. I made pasta for us for dinner with Italian sausage it turned out good.

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