Monday, October 6, 2008

Guitar cases

the electric guitar case was the first one I decoupaged . I liked it so much I went looking for another guitar case to do. I found the acoustical guitar case and started working on it. but the rolling stones one is a favorite. but I love the new Bob Dylan.

another guitar case I like how it's turned out
a blend of black and white and color. I have several things going I want to finish up this month.wish me luck. I like the rock and roll cases . I have a pillow on the floor in my work room so the pups can hang with me while I work. so many ideas. I need to make more atc's I have handed out most of what I had. and the response is good. I even handed some out at yard sales last weekend. I need to catch up on photo's of my bargains . so much to do. it sure beats being bored.

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