Thursday, October 16, 2008

3 more in the series of paper wreaths all are paper on a straw wreath base. some are sheet music some calender's, maps, pages from novels. these are sheet music. and other used and thrift store or yard sale items. they have won my heart . each different and one of a kind unique. I held on to the bright felt flowers ..I bought several years back the colorful daisies I had in my kitchen for a few years. and the pink with the yellow centers were part of a wind chime I had outside for a year and held onto for 2 more. I just new I would use them sometime. I have a couple more in stages of the creative process. I am getting them ready for the rock n roll craft show which is Thanksgiving weekend.


  1. So sweet, good luck at the craft show :) :)


  2. The flowers are so colorful and the birds are cute. I have my straw wreath base and the vintage music pages but that is far as I've gotten.

  3. that might be just right. I'm known for taking it over the top. scan some pictures from your cook books cupcakes or cakes ..or look for a child's size tea set and add play food. or a play hand mixer and rolling pin and sheet of pretend cookies. you love cooking and vintage cookbooks.