Friday, October 3, 2008

more views of tami's cases

the small case is looking good. they are both done as far as the collage goes now several layers of mod podge and then a sealer. the large case ends look good too .. Tami brought the cases to me and the pattern book from 1957..I hope she likes what I have done.. she is a super artist and here is her web site.. you will be glad you checked it out
.and then there is the vintage store display table I have decoupaged with old sheet music. I like the black and white (off white with age) it makes the colorful cases really stand out. it should look great at the Rock N Roll Craft Show. that's over Thanksgiving weekend. I have lots of new things for the show. I went to 2 rummage sales today my finds were fine - good - and tomorrow there is 2 more and I think 84 yard sales listed in the paper (local) some being neighborhood sales where a few to many homes are selling their cast-offs. so I'll be busy tomorrow. after I coat my cases that is...


  1. Those cases are so neat and that table, wow! Love them :)


  2. thanks Bella I'm happy with how they have turned out.

  3. Wow that pattern book was a great find from your friend. Things like that and old wallpaper books are worth alot now.
    I received the books today. Thanks so much! I already posted a blog with one of the recipes. They are all great. I had not even seen any of them before except for the CAI dessert book. Thanks again.