Saturday, September 13, 2008

yeah that's the ticket !

Yeah That's the ticket.

I have been working on this project and having a ball. It's been creatively fun and as it came together I bought these blank tickets several months back and used them for a couple of projects and as I used my stamps on them I wanted to do more and more and use them in other ways. so I have tucked them into birthday cards and taped them to a straw and added a little something extra to a bouquet of flowers and they look great added to a bow and used instead of shredded paper peeking out of a gift bag. they can be great for every holiday Christmas, Easter, Hanuka, New years...Birthdays ..weddings ....New baby.. graduations in a hostess gift I want to make some that say drink me for a wine gift and some that say eat me for some cupcakes I'm taking to a shower..add a stamp write a name.. a glitter pen adds a bit of sparkle.the skulls and the black cats were made by using foam cutouts and a clear stamp base it worked pretty good I will put a couple in out trick-or-treat bags. I got more rolls in many colors and had fun with my stamps .I am so excited to share it with you. it's not just for raffles anymore...use them in scrap-booking. How about as place cards at a casual party . I hope you try it and have fun with it.......Pat

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