Tuesday, September 16, 2008

holiday decor

2 recycled beauties. the metal box is covered in thrift store beverage napkins and sealed.
the wreath is a wreath in a wreath with lots of thrift
finds the little ghosts and pumpkin s light up and of course I added tickets instead of ribbon. I think they both turned out great.


  1. What a bewitchingly beautiful wreath! And such a clever use for beverage napkins ~ I guess I thought the napkins would be too thin & would tear if I tried to decoupage them onto anything!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  2. thanks Stephanie
    I ended up cutting out the skulls and layered them to get the effect I wanted.also it was 2 ply and I split the plies to have it lay right.

  3. Both of those items are great. The case is neat. Have you noticed that skulls have become a popular motif? Seems kind of weird to me but I even saw a baby nursery with a skull theme. Halloween yes, but I don't get it for any other time. The wreath is wonderful as usual.

  4. they have become mainstream style when they were kinda goth or underground. heck the Grateful Dead made it popular with their fans over 35 years ago. thanks for the thumbs up.