Thursday, September 11, 2008

a moment of silence.

I woke this morning thinking . Sept.11. and my thoughts were of.... the day...that day.. how Adam and I watched TV that morning like every morning the channel 2 news morning show while we ate breakfast. Adam said look and they showed (braking news) a plane had crashed into the WTC in New York City ...we watch a few min and I went in and woke Griff up to see..(he is retired USAF) and with in 1 or 2 min the next plane hit first thought was OMG it's an act of war..this is no accident ..I was numb ..... I could not stop watching...I finally took adam to school late and talked for a few min. to the ladies in the office about it.. upon returning home griff said the pentagon has ben hit by a plane too....I called the school office and told the ladies...and sat down and watched- not knowing what was coming . my shock and grief that day made me zombie-like. I went to work after the buildings came down..had the TV's on.. we got through. and watched for days sadness and disbelief.... so today I say a silent prayer to those and their families that day effected.

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