Sunday, April 22, 2007

little beauties

my sweet little wreath has blue fabric on a small Styrofoam wreath and embossed hearts from a wedding favor kit a bow of blue ribbon and a tiny 2 flower piece of a larger sprig of silk flowers. This one is just so sweet and simple. Not so simple is Scooter and Maisy(small) my Doxies, they are my babies and best friends to each other. Scooter has diabetes and gets insulin 2 times a day and was a very sick pup, the vet suggested a companion puppy and we got Maisy last summer. Well she has made such a difference to Scooter and the household, she is so affectionate and playful. Puppies are fun.


  1. Baby MAISYYYYYYYYY! Scooch da Gooch!!

  2. Those doggies are just as cute as your wreaths!