Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I do.......love this wreath

It's a beautiful morning, I've been busy working on projects, thanks to my daughter my work room is usable again, today I wanted to share a couple of bridal/wedding wreaths with you, I mentally worked on the idea for over a year I could picture it and so I picked up ideas and cake toppers and tiny favor containers and flower girl baskets, ring pillows, I ended up finding a few real wedding dresses at the shelter shop where I used to volunteer. I wanted it to look elegant and beautiful like a bride. I chose rich fabric romantic colors. It was trial and error as I worked on the very first one, I couldn't make it exactly like the Marti gras wreath only white, it just didn't look right. I wanted bead work like I've seen on some wedding dresses, when I tried wrapping the base in batting (quilt stuffing) and at first I pinned the satin on eventually I sewed it, next the lace and beads, I was getting giddy as it was coming together, I wanted the veil to be added with a sort of crown and I found just the right picks at the Hobby Lobby. I'm very proud of this idea. I found little champagne flutes too...Some have more Items than others, each one unique , I'll save a few for a later date the heart shape in the wired ribbon adds that extra romantic touch and it's so easy, I did pin them. the flowers in a bouquet and the picture frame for the brides own picture, can make it truly personal.

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  1. So romantic! I love it...especially the hearts on the side made from ribbon. I would have never thought of something that creative.