Friday, April 20, 2007

start gathering now

start gathering now as you see interesting items for the this wreath. I picked up witches and spooky beanie babies over time but when I saw the large witch I was ready to start working on it, the little wolf-man and bride of frankenstein and Dracula are from Walgreen's I'm pretty sure the Eddie and Lilly Munster were from one of those claw machines, the eye balls light up with batteries, the spider and web from a discount store, most were from yard sales and thrift stores, to buy every thing new would be costly and not as much fun. The front door looks so spooky on Halloween. I only display my best wreaths inside, this one I put on the door that special night as we hand out treats. I started with a wire wreath form and added black and purple tulle netting and a black feather boa, as I added items I stood back from time to time to get good symmetry and eye appeal. You can also go with pumpkins or ghosts as the main theme.


  1. Oh, I love it!!!! I love the idea of a black feather boa to give it some background! Now I'm thinking I need some of those skeletons to go with my tin bats.
    You're so crafty!

  2. Fantastic! I heart the heart wreath, and I heart the Halloween wreath. I'm a junkie for holiday decorations, and these are great.