Thursday, October 13, 2011

 I made this wreath  from   used items from  rummage   and yard sales  -    to show you   it doesn't take a lot  to  make a fun decoration .     kids  like a bit of decoration but they  want the  treat  -  weather it is  candy or  toy .     I know    we had to pass some houses because they were  just too much and my kids said no way .    loud  noises and  too much  going om n  like people in monster costumes . a touch of festivity and  good treats will brig them back  year  after year .  I like to add the glow  bracelets   from Michaels crafts  - they come 15 for  $1....   you add some  candy   and  they are happy goblins .
next is   Maisy with  daddy  
the  next is a troll I  got  at  rummage sale  - loved it had to have it ...  3rd is a vintage tray I just listed in my etsy shop  .

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