Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alice in Wonderland suitcase

I love this suitcase - it is a vintage case I got at a yard sale - it was a dingy  white  with some flaws   I  spray painted it  with a gloss enamel ,  wow it looked good   ,  but I  wanted to decoupage an Alice case  I had a pop up book I grabbed last year from Goodwill and it had some torn pages  and broken pop-ups  - so I started  the process of  trying out  the placement of pictures  - I always do this  when  working on a decoupage piece  it gives  it balance , I knew I likes the blue and wanted it  to show in places  -  and I had some pieces of  wall paper border   with  fun colors and  flowers that tied right into the look I want  .  I find myself  humming   an unknown ditty  when I  love how  a piece is going  - it is my happy  noise .  it is a cross between   cartoon  melodies   and I end with  the I love Popeye noise Alice the goon  sang to  him. I know  funny and it changes  around  . it is  good to have a happy  song .

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