Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day

thinking about Earth Day  and   I was in school when they made  it an  official  day  -   and the  things we did then  to try to raise awareness  - it is  amazing that things have  not progressed  since that time  or  10 years later  or after that  -  animals are still in danger and are mistreated  ,   forests are  still getting cut down, pollution is  still a problem - and litter  ---- don't  get me started on the litter  and  trash problem  . as a recycle artist I  ave always   kept the environment in mind -  thought what can I re-use  how can I make it work  and look good  I have used  crate sides as shutters   years ago  and  construction spools as tables -  always  used  second hand clothes and refashioned them to  update the look .   although I can afford new I  love finding a wonderful  piece of used furniture and make it  work  in my  room .  my art reflects it  my  every  living  reflects it .   once you get  started in thinking  that way  it  just gets easier  -  I hope  each one of you  adds  something in the way of   re-using - recycling or  upcycling - in  your life .

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