Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Decoupage Junkie .

I realize I am addicted  to  decoupage .  from  the time I was a child and my  paste was homemade  with flour and water  and  my little square tipped scissors  tore into the magazine pictures of the day  (1950's)  I loved combining  colors and  groupings of pictures picking the things I loved to cut out and paste  my  scrapbook  of that era had  things  of the era   a matchbook cover an advertising ad   pictures of animals cartoon characters  birthday cards  - I got 1 every year from my grandma  - movie stars  they were so glamorous  in those days I am thinking about re-naming my blog  .mmmmmm
the eggs before and after  -  and a cute  decoration from a  Ideals  magazine picture  an embroidery  hoop  a bit of yellow feathery  boa -  a  sweet  spring   wall  decor .


  1. Those spoons are amazing. Love your face eggs too! Why do we kids of the 50s/60s/70s like decoupage so much? I still have a decoupage project I made in 7th grade and I remember when the "craftmobile" would make its rounds weekly during the summer my favorite was always decoupage. So glad I'm not the only one who's rediscovered this is fun!

  2. I've been buying jars of Mod Podge, but have yet started my decopage project. Your spoons are soooo cool. Love 'em!

    BTW...I just got hired at JoAnn's Fabric, so I'm hoping to find more crafty inspiration there!

    I'll check your Etsy. :-)

  3. thanks Mary I wish there was a craft mobile in my neighbor growing up - heck I'd like one now.
    I wish there was a craft club nearby .

  4. thanks Wub2Write - I buy Mod-Podge by the gallon from love JoAnn's I have never seen a craft store I didn't like - lol, I hope you share ideas you get.