Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Books from an estate sale

 I got  an arm full of  sweet books  at an estate sale  last week and  the case too  the  Mother Goose book was well loved  with  discolored taped parts but of course I can work around that . so I put the two together and  it looks  like I pictured it .
I am also working on some projects 
for the  Belleville Herstory weekend  which  is in march , I am making some  rosettes  out of  used book pages  and some  wreaths  (yeah) .

  I will display  my  some of my cases  and  wig heads . I have some other ideas . I guess I will see if I have time to make them happen.
it is  a wonder event that raises  funds for scholarships for single parents .
I hope locals will go and have a great time .

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  1. WOW you hit the motherlode of books! LOVE your suitcase ... there's a lady over on flickr (pixiegenne) who does a bunch of them with kids books also ... I'm just learning how to alter suitcases and having a ball with it. I never thought of using kids books except for the first case I did using an Big Golden Book with Eloise Wilkin illustrations. I think I'll go check out Salvation Army again this week and see if I can snag some goodies!