Monday, January 31, 2011

Vintage Baby Book

 a beautiful   baby book   with  sweet illustrations
I got at an estate sale  - it was a  good sale for  finding things, of course .
Also a good one for getting the sense  or feeling of the people  that lived there  - it was a  nice modest house  with a fireplace  and a   good setup  (flow of the rooms and  they  had several  old school school scrapbooks  with cards and letters and  pictures  some photos some  cut from magazines .
 the had a  collection of  catholic  rosaries and metals
holy cards  and prayer books .  just lovely
they loved books like I do - I  was on a budget  but I could have easily spent like crazy if I had the money .
she saved dance cards from formal dances  at collage  and  yearbooks from their  high school and collage years . and children's books -  they had  many books  - I know my weakness - that is where I spent the most money, she sewed  and  they played cards   they had many decks of cards , 

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