Friday, January 14, 2011

Organize - a never ending story

trying to get a handle on just how much stuff I have to organize .  well it's a lot .
 I have my attic over the garage  and the garage  in front of the cars .  then the attic space upstairs and the  bedroom  and closet upstairs and the loft room upstairs it has seeped to   the  dining room and living room  and  a few things are in  my hubby's man cave , oh and the bedroom and Adam's room has some stuff .. I really need to downsize and organize .   ok  I have see  this on TV   I need an area to  organize (yeah right)  and have a keep pile ( that's my problem I like it all )
and a donate pile ( I can do that )  and a toss away pile ( of ) I think I am starting to sweat  and  am only typing about it.   I'll get started soon .... really

in the mean time  I  want to get started on  some of the  clothes
I have  a few wedding dresses  I want to  paint and embellish .
I was thinking of all those aprons   too  I think I will sell  some stuff .

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  1. I sure know how you feel. I have so many boxes of books there doesn't seem to be any part of my house that doesn't have some. I know I need to weed them out but it is hard to decide what to part with.