Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my heart's a thumpin

 working some sweet decorations
if you can  fold paper and make a fan   you can make these  , use any kind of paper ,  I  use thrift finds
but you can use the news paper  or magazine pages
gift wrap  book pages sheet music . grocery bags. if   your  loved one likes crossword puzzles  use one of those books .. even scrapbook paper.
I have a 2" punch and a heart punch  and tons of old books  I get many  at yard sales and  rummage sales book fairs  and some  at thrift stores . I am going to make a bunch more and  add  glitter to the edges .
you can make  various sizes   I will post my wreath and garland when I am done .

my bedroom  - I  brought in the  shutters that I painted  Blue and   the blanket chest  I use the french  looking wall paper   of chickens  - I am  slowly getting the french country look  I am going for.

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