Wednesday, January 20, 2010

thrift store books

I went to a new thrift store today and was pleasantly surprised ,
TOCO shop it's at 825 West Main st. in Belleville - making money for local charities , and the people are very nice.
I hope to donate my time to demonstrate some of my work showing up-cycling and recycling - I know I will decoupage some items , I was thinking having some ATC's & gift tags .
I got some books and the lunch boxes there .

the pin the tail on the donkey game was at an antique store going out of business sale down town.
the children's rummy cards too and the children's books , I had to stop at the regular store for house hold cleaners shampoo & stuff. thrift stores are way more fun.


  1. What great old books. Around here I usually only find newer books. This summer I did find a bunch of old ones but I don't know what to do with them :)

  2. Don’t you just love it when you like a mother load of old books? I collect books, children’s mostly. Having two daughters has taught me the value of having books in the home. Many children visit our home and walk right over to the two stacks in our living room. Many will argue but I don’t believe that many things attract a child like a book. Some of my favorite vintage finds are: The Waterboys & Their Cousins by Charles Dickens Lewis; The Field Third Reader by Walter Taylor Field; and The Silent Reading Hour from 1923 that is a book designed for teachers to read to their students during quiet time. I believe when you give a classic, like Winnie the Pooh, it’s best served up in a vintage format as a reminder that this is no ordinary book – it withstood time. And all that for $1 or less.

    Aside from that I find recent editions of new books in perfect conditions to add to my collection or, if it’s a duplicate to save for a gift.

    And, if the book is tatty or not such a wonderful tale, sometimes the illustrations are wonderful, even suitable for framing or over projects.

    Good score.

    Ms. Shopping Golightly