Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mardi Gras Wreath

heart garland that I cut from my favorite gift wrap I have it on my fridge door, it adds a punch of color there. I made the wreath for a fund raising club crawl in St Louis , I rearranged and added to a wreath I already had. the Mardi Gras round picture is the front of a colorful t shirt stretched in an embroidery hoop trimmed with thin feathery boa and gold beads - I liked Sis booms small Christmas ones and used her idea for a my bigger Mardi Gras one. I am slowly working on my organizing of my craft room . I have a couple of bags of donation stuff I plan to give to our local TOCO shop - the moneys made goes to local charities - I hope to demonstrate some decoupage and show some recycle - upcycle ideas soon.


  1. That is a very clever idea to put the shirt fabric in the hoop! I have never heard of the idea before. I put a hoop in my give away bag but now I am going to take it out. I have a shirt I could use it with.

  2. try it you'll like it
    I was inspired by Jeniffer at sis boom but I added my twist to it check her blog out.

  3. Hey you! How are you?!! I hope well! Love these fun!! Could you email me..I lost your email!