Sunday, June 8, 2008

yard and rummage sale-a-palooza

today is Sunday a day of rest- I don't know about where you live but around here on Saturday -we had sooo many yard sales, multiple yard sales, neighborhood yard sales, and subdivision yard sales, even local small towns had town wide yard sales with maps absolutely 100's unbelievable---- also there were several church rummage sales - my favorite - good parking, air conditioned, plenty of good stuff, nice folks, I was in heaven.(pun intended) they were all big -tons of goodies to rummage through and I did -I found hat boxes and cases to decoupage scarves and books (I love books) and some old magazines (yeah)and lovely embroidery work ..


  1. Nice linens, especially the red work one. We haven't had too many sales around here yet.

  2. I can't believe how many we have had here - it is record breaking I'm sure- thanks I love hand embroidery, it's finally coming back in style, I love the renaissance in craft-work sewing and art.