Wednesday, June 11, 2008

cleaning and organizing

it was a mountain and it's still a mound but we are getting there there are steps to this process first put many keepers into the attic..ok then straighten more and have the throw away pile (it's pretty big) and the donate pile fairly good size. and the keep ,,ok it's big too....yeah I'm a pack rat and my pack rat daughter has stored things here too. Hi honey ...we are waiting for the guys to pick up the old washer and dryer..(they say tonight) I will drop off donations later today too..and also the trash goes to the curb tonight too, in the mean time I have been packing up most of my craft room stuff - and it will be temporarily kept in the garage so they can tear up the old yucky carpet and put down tile ...hope fully this week - we are close .. as long as my worker bees stay with me on this ( son his gf and neighbor kid) Amy -neighbor boys mom has been a big help...thanks Amy ..and she will get some of the old shelves for her office/craft studio. and she deserves and needs more shelves..and my dear husband who (I might add) would give Monk(tv show guy) a run for the money has been so good about letting me have 1/2 of the garage for all this time and has not said much ...thanks honey....mmmm .. I better make him read this so he can see the thanks ...I would have taken pictures but it was just to embarrassing- I've seen way worse on those tv shows where they clean house -but still - any way I will post some when I'm done. funny I keep finding things I forgot I's like...Oh cool.

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