Wednesday, May 14, 2008

spring wreath

my sweet new wreath I made this morning it is recycled ..all the items are used or 2nd hand.. even the wreath form was from a yard sale. ( I pick them up when I see any) the music book was from the local church thrift store.. the ribbon and flowers stuff goodwill the nest off a thrift wreath and the bird (has a chip in th back )and tiny angel the seniors rummage sale. I kinda like it.


  1. How cute! Mind if I steal your idea? I have a book of vintage music and haven't used it yet. I tried to make a hanging decorative cone out of it but the paper was old and it tore. If I use strips on a wreath I think it will work well.

  2. Oh please do, I love sharing ideas. put your spin on it I did strips but if your paper is fragile glue squares together like scales ohhhh I like the sound of that or strips. whatever works for you I got the idea for a wreath at a flickr friend that covered a party hat with music paper and added flowers and feathers it was so cute. you could old cake pictures or some lovely vintage food...listen to me do what you want and have a good time.