Friday, January 11, 2008

we are taking things one day at a time, and are thankful that my son and his girlfriend and our 2 pups and cat are safe and healthy.we are told it will be a month maybe slightly longer and just possibly sooner. to have our home damaged was a heartbreak we go by daily to check on things and get the mail. we still love our home. it's hard to be patient waiting to get back . boy I miss my craft room it's my calming place and my art work helps keep me sane. ok saner.
saved these quilts- but everything in the living room is lost I had just packed up all the pixies and most holiday decorations and but the tree and some beautiful wreaths were lost. ruined beyond any saving or repair,

we are doing ok in the hotel the pups are fine . I took them to the vet. and they got a clean bill of health and their nail trimmed. we are living like rock stars on the road at a long gig, we were so happy to find a pet friendly motel there is a doggie walk area complete with a potty pick-up bags and a trash can.They have been so good and are now use to seeing other people and hearing noises in the hall or from another floor.they have been very clingy and have got better with that I can actually go to the bathroom without them at my feet.I brought along a pink flowered vintage wool blanket for them to snuggle on and it smells like home it was in the house and used in the sun room that was not damaged.and they love it.

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