Sunday, July 15, 2007

donating is good

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx summer sure is here we were out of town for a few days, thanks to Rach for baby sitting the pups and the house. I made a few more cases. One donated to call for help. One to animal rescue. I have one for the Alpha 1 foundation fund raiser in September. Hanging out inside trying to stay cool, like the old saying "it's not the heat it's the humidity." we (Rach and I)went to the best yard sale Saturday- a couple moving to Kansas city- Every thing they had for sale was great.. I got many good things. I was sorry I was on a budget. We told them about ETSY because they had a lot of art and many craft items. I love this picnic tin, it was wood tone with a bent top that was stuck closed a church key got it open but it could not be saved, so it became another decoupage project I liked the way it turned out. whew, I need some icewater. stay cool.

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