Friday, June 1, 2007


I like the zizzle-toy it was a kid's meal toy and the button on their tummy make music and sounds- some light up. I just like to collect them.and a wreath form was a good place for them.
the Pyrex dish, a great bunny dish, a kids party record, a quilted wall decor, a pink medal pitcher, a cute pitcher with corn flowers on it, 2 jelly jars with lids, the plastic patchwork print container is filled with hair rollers.the bit of embroidery is a pillowcase doll skirt. I still am learning my new camera and I like it a lot. Goodwill opened a new store in a nearby town it was so crowded with people you couldn't move around, and someone did a "excuse me" not in a nice way, but in the Get out of my way- way after it happened 3 times I needed to go home. I'll go back after the grand opening is over and things calm down.

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