Sunday, June 3, 2007

more good stuff

Rachel and I went thrifting this weekend here are a few things we got. the tea pot is our favorite . the cake tin just happened to match (sort of) the glasses. I love -love -love the tiny Hummel-like figurines, and the (operation- game) head I wanted to show because on flickr there is a person that uses it for their avatar, here I use it to help hold some of my many kitchen gadgets, I love this little girl figurine even with her big hands(they are freakishly big)and we got a box of vintage Xmas goodies, I'll just add that to my huge collection-to make wreaths with. we got some lovely mirrors and tea cart that needs some TLC, lots of books, a couple cases to decoupage. I know- I just can't stop myself. The Christmas ones are so cute and what a great gift- it's a gift and gift box in-one, and can be used to store Xmas decorations and can be reused every year as a's a win win situation, same with the others used as a gift and/or gift box and storage for keepsakes, craft items such as scrapbook supplies, toys also its a work of art er...2 works of art each side is different, man I love these and I think everyone should make one- you could print out your own family pictures and put them on one. many years ago I made a family picture college for Rachel's grandparents they still have it hanging up, it's beautiful, we got copies of old pictures of her dad and uncles were little it was fun making it.

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