Monday, May 7, 2007

This pear wreath I purchased a couple of years ago and I still keep it on the wall in my kitchen. It's a beauty. this is the stuffed pet wreath I made gathering up pretty little pups and kitties a bird and the rest over time, and put together for a fundraiser for animal rescue. I love it so much I'm gathering again to make another. I'm still looking for a new camera, I had one I liked but it's not available for sale yet. maybe I'll go browse and ask questions at a store (with my daughter), I want to be able to take good pictures easily. some cameras look very complicated, so if you have any good suggestions let me know. I went to a book sale at a local church, I got there just as they were closing I did get a arm load of books, but rats I wished I got there sooner it was $2 a bag and they had thousands. Saturday was a huge yard sale, estate sale, rummage sale day and most end by noon. I leave by 9am after coffee and mapping my route, there were several neighborhood sales I picked the older ones because I found the newer homes have mainly baby items and I'm past that and my kids aren't there yet. I gathered some Xmas ornaments too, some music boxes too. I have been looking for a light for our TV room, I've found several but not the right one. I'll just keep looking.


  1. Hi...loved looking over your blog, and I'm in love with your wreaths! Just when you think you've seen all things crafty someone original (like you) pops up and blows me away. Love 'em. I'll pop in here and there and see what you're up to! Ruth.

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