Saturday, October 1, 2016

I worked in the restaurant business for and I was underpaid and under tipped and screwed out of gratuities from the managers and had child care bills and issues - I didnt contaminate people's food or drinks because they were assholes - I just smiled and continued working because it was the right thing to do . I know managers that ripped off the owners because they felt deserving of more and I knew it was wrong . I turned them in when asked and as a department manager I reported stealing by the general manager and I stuck my neck out for other employees that were being harassed sexually - why because it was the right thing to do . would I do it again - yes I would . most co workers were wonderful same with customers .through the years I have had some great managers and owners .don't get me wrong - but I was honest reliable and and proud of my work ethic and history . I challenge anyone that sees abuse in their job to report it - it is the right thing to do .  at the  country  club  I worked  I  turned in the manager and his  friend  for  taking  wine  -  or   ordering  thousands of  dollars in  wine that never made it to the wine list    but to the  office  and  beyond     and  got fired ,the day he  fired me  he and  Jeffrey    forced me to say  he was my boss  when  I was the bar manager and  was  employed  by the  club and its  members , but  the  firing  was considered  downsizing and they approved of  unemployment insurance   but  I was not allowed  to set foot  on the  premises for 3 months .and  members  were  not allowed to ask about  my  leaving    with threat of  losing their club membership .  the few that  stayed in touch   are very special people .

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