Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rachel and Mike McPadden ( Rachel Doughty )

My daughter was great when I was first diagnosed she lived nearby and helped and kept me company a lot then she moved to Chicago - for job and love and I heard from her less and less - she got married I am so very happy for her -- they married in Brooklyn his home town and they live in Chicago I was kind of invited to the wedding but it was on Christmas eve and with my illness traveling was/is hard . she worked and with a husband it is understandable she was busy and I would not get to talk often - then she blocked me on face book ... I visited there 2 times in 5 years if they do come to town they never stay here because he is allergic to dogs and cats so I only have seen them a hand full of times in 5 years - she refused to get tested for alpha she said she didnt want to know , if she has since then she has never said . and aparently they struggle with infertility. the few brief phone calls . turned into brief emails into brief texts . I send photos of us and my artwork and cconversations and news , ideas , like I am talking face to face keeping things up beat and interesting . to get a " sounds great" - or a "looks good" response . I pack up boxes of her favorite vintage idems I keep a look out for and send for birthdays and holidays I even had a Tshirt made for her husband - with a quick thanks for the gift in a text - she got mad when I got upset and missed her so much when she first moved to Chicago and told her far too often ( I guess ) or so she said , so I dont go there , she never asks about my health , or even calls . I know dealing with someone disabled is hard and I guess it is easier to just eliminate them from your life - but man it hurts when your the one ousted out of a loved ones life . I tried to contact her on her Twitter and she blocked me there too after I saw she posts about her grand parents ( her late dad parents) and zero about me . it was like I didnt exist I got an E card at mothers day not a phone call I text and send emails and call to no answer 
- I try not to cry but it hurts , we were so close I miss her .


  1. This is truly sad, I feel yr pain. I wish I could hug you & be a source of comfort to you. I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. You know it's really hard to figure out what the hell is going on in ones life when they treat love ones so harsh, we have had some very hurtful things happen with my step children of 30 years.. I am not sure if you will ever understand why she is being so hurtful could it have to do with the man in her life I hope he is not a weird control freak? I sure hope you stay positive it's really not good for anyones health to be stressed and heartbroken. oxox