Monday, December 7, 2015

organizing - for real

in the booth next  to mine at the  craft fair    was  a  nice lady named Lou ,  she  talked of he  organizing skills  ,  I know  I must  have look lost ,   but interested  ,  somehow along the way  I have  misplaced my organizing gene . when  your  dealing with a major  illness   keeping  craft  things  seem so less important  until  they are  over whelming .  I told   Lou  I needed  to hire her after the holidays to help me organize.  my   way  as of late is   clean things up  and put in a  box   it could be scissors or books or  paint  a glue gun    jewelry ,  and my son or husband  carried   a few  boxes upstairs in the spare room   just to get it out of the way . there are boxes  with  various  holiday stuff  or books or  figurines  and  Christmas ornaments  or  sewing  stuff  , just boxes of  stuff stuff stuff    miss matched unorganized  and the room  has a hodge-podge  boxes all over  -  I have  furniture and collections  and    linens and  quilts a bed  a sofa  a table  all in a  disarray .  I so want  to get it together  and have a real  guest room  and have a real craft room again . The  craft sale helped  me find homes for many  well loved pieces . now    to  work on the rest  I will do a little at a time    in order to know  what I have   and  have a box  for donating  to the side   and  organize  the   flea market  items and  vintage items in boxes  to sell ..  like I said it is over whelming    so  a little at a time .  wish me luck .

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