Sunday, September 8, 2013

cool hanging light fixture

I saw this  at  a  rummage  sale  and  grabbed it   it needs rewiring or  to be  gutted  and  used  with candles ,   I  love the  lines  and the  wrought iron and  tooled  floral  pattern on it   the  old  wiring  suggests  the 1930's or  40's     I listed in  my  shop   as  a  supply    for now  if it  sells  that is  fine  if  it  doesn't   I   visualize it  a  cool color   or   embellished   with  beads  or   shabby   chic    white  washed  with  lace   or  even  with  vintage  jars  or   china  cups  or  saucers  or even   ramekins  ,  I  can picture it  masculine    for  a man-cave   or  feminine   for  a   sitting room  or  even   bright  with  tassels   for  a  teen  girls room  ,   equally  bright  with   cars   planes or  sports  balls for  globes   and  pennants   hanging   on it    or  sweet  and pastel   for  a  baby;s room    . and of  course  I  wanted to  decoupage  it .    what to do  what  to  do  .    I  couldn't make up  my mind  so  I  listed it in my  etsy  shop . if I  get   through  some of  my projects  I may just . take it out  and  re-do it .


  1. Wow you are amazing all the things you transform, I love your energy. I spotted the darling stickers in your shop this week your Etsy Shop is marked a fav. Hugs, Diane

  2. thanks Diane I am honored I am a fan of your work too. make an offer maybe we could make a trade, let me know .