Sunday, November 4, 2012

it's a gift it's a box it's a decoration

I took   5  record jackets  -   and  used  clear package tape   and taped the sides   to make a square  and taped the bottom  on   being care to have the  images I want out  and   right side up , and the top  I  taped all the edges and   double taped one side to the  box   as to  have a  lid that opens  I taped a bead on string  to  keep the lid from falling inside the box    they turned out well    - if you  want a  cube as decoration  tape all sides  - I wanted a gift box so  I fashioned  the lid .   I made   a few christmas record ones  and a couple Childrens record ones and a few  fun  retro  adult ones  with great vintage  Illustrations.   Have fun making them 

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