Tuesday, August 21, 2012

makeup madness

 how much is too much ?   how long is too long ?    I have  things in my makeup pile   I only use once in a while    how long does powder last ?   how long does it stay good ?  it looks fine , my skin is fine ,   I use  lotions and oils  - I have had some  bottles of hand and body lotion for a few years now  .  I have some bottles I  of make up that I mix my own blend into . is that alright , the make up companies want you to get new   all the time  after all it is the business .   I like  witch hazel   for my face   light scent and  ... hey it works .   I found  foundation too heavy so I  blend mine with some lotion and a touch of baby oil . I have bought from   expensive places and the drug store  I still love basics   Pears soap   witch hazel  I like a variety of  lotions  and of course  baby oil   I like  liquid cheek polish  a powder   and  eye shadow  along with eye liner  a touch of  mascara  and lip gloss with a bit of color .  I like my  scent a light spray  although I still have some  perfumes  I use  on occasion.  I don't keep mascara long  ever . I have   products I get as gifts  sometimes I  re-gift  them   others I keep    thinking I will use  them  - some I use   others I still have  , I go through  and toss  opened items  and donate  samples  I haven't  used .  I like to use makeup sponges  and toss them out and   good  brushes .  I wash them from time to time .    I do like samples  so I can  try  before I buy  and  some years back I liked to get a makeover at the makeup counter , and they used the best new creams and the  best makeup and powders. the finishing touches , I would leave  with a few new  products .  a  refreshed attitude , like getting a haircut and style you like  - you leave smiling  happy .  but a bad haircut  or one your not sure of ,   why did they cut so much off or leave  so much on the back  or
  yikes  what  have I done  - that my thought  after I cut my own hair .....   but a good  cut like good makeup has me smiling   because I look  good .... real good.

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