Friday, July 6, 2012

only boring people get bored

I  am   never bored always  designing  and creating in my head -   when I was a kid  wanting some  attention and  someone to entertain me   I would tell mom  - I'm bored ( I saw it in TV )  and she  said only boring people get bored  ............   I thought about that .....  and  thought I'm not boring .... I don't want to be boring ..   and as usual  for me set  to  plan  things in my mind -   . I would create and decorate .
we always had a big sand pile in the back yard and a hose  for water to  use in building  of the sand  sculptures and  cleaning off the sand from our sweaty  smelly kids bodies  -  we used cans and boxes and  jars  and bowels  cups    whatever we could beg off mom or sneak out f the house to use  our  sand forts   had my brothers   little plastic   cowboys or army men inside and  it usually ended in a war of some  kind and me crying   eyes and ears caked  with sand inside  the grit in my  teeth  trying to hose it out of my hair -
these hot summer days remind me of those times in the sand pile under the big tree  in the early morning  the breeze blowing through the leaves  the birds chirping  the warmth in the air ,  looking up   to see the  sun  peeping through the leaves  a soft smell of mom flowers  - morning glories -  we had a big round  front porch    it  looked like a gazebo   on  the front of  an old  rundown Victorian  and   she  planted morning glories  all round and tied string to nails  making a lattice shape and the porch was made so beautiful  with  the shade and the  flowers in the morning  I just knew there were fairies  there and magic .  what saved me in life was no matter what happened  that was bad or sad (throughout my childhood there was a lot) ... that there was good and magic  right around the corner .

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