Monday, July 16, 2012

Painting outside

I was out under the pin oak  painting on this  plastic  love seat  - yes it's plastic and   we used it   out by the fire pit  in the middle of the yard   it was  faded green ,    so  I thought a sunny  yellow    will dress it up  for the  deck , anyway  I was under the tree this morning  early enough for the cooler morning  temp  it was still hot  in the sun but the shade  is  nice  and   the birds  songs took my mind back  to  years ago  playing outside  as a kid and seeking the shade   loving the breeze  remembering the blanket  mom brought out when I was little  to  sit and play on .  Remembering later  the sounds of  the neighborhood  on Fairview Hts   the smell of the duck pond  and  playing with the neighbor girls    one would  bury a jar of junk jewelry   and  make a  treasure map  -  it had instructions    ten paces from the  door  turn right  and go  thirty paces  turn at the tree   -   sixteen  paces to the rose bushes  and so on  - it was a fun game we loved to play   on a  summer day  along with tag  , I could remember  the sound of their voices  and their laughing  -  like the memories of the lady in  Dances with wolves ,  remembering her childhood  and the  words and voices   and I am sure the feeling  of a child  - I remembered me as a child   seeing the magic  in the  sun  dancing through the leaves and the whispering  of wind , loving the sounds of the  birds, the honey bees  neighborhood the car sounds  and a distant lawn mower .  I tried  using spray paint  at first and  it was  messy and windy , so  I  switched to   using a paintbrush  I am so glad I did  because it gave me the  time  to enjoy the tree and the breeze and the memories .  I  will have to wait until  early tomorrow to  work on it some  more  it is already in the 90's  out now.  Maybe  I will take a blanket out  to lay on  and listen to some more memories .

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