Sunday, May 13, 2012

what  a wonderful  mothers day weekend     I had a good visit with  Rachel and   she gave me a lovely bag  filled with  everything I need to get started   embossing    such a cool gift ...we went to lunch and an estate sale   before they headed  out of town  back to Chicago ...     I  had a lot of fun it was  good to see  them  Rachel and her Husband Mike    have a good time together  it is easy to see their love and friendship for each other..       And  today  my son Adam  left me a   sweet mothers day card   and  an invitation to dinner .       I also ran out to the  end of the estate sale  from yesterday   and got a box full of goodies     some  Christmas ornaments made  from vintage cards  so cute     and some packs of tracing paper   a  radio  -  I have gotten hooked on public radio lately and this will be fine to have on as I work  on my art projects  part of an o;d stag  beer case   and . a barbie book (vintage)  2 boxes of unused vintage cards   some  with glitter  all   worth giving . a box of blank metal circles        I can use them for crafts   -   a cool vintage binder  filled with hand written song lyrics and   some music    great for     art projects !  a  train case  with a little  crapped off on the out side  but I will decoupage right over that  . and an awesome pair of glasses  my eye strength  perfect  ( who knew )   and a vintage pair of  Jacky O  type  sunglasses from the  70's  love love love , yes it is a nice day  ... I hope you all had a lovely  Mothers Day .   

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