Saturday, January 14, 2012

Estate sale finds from today

the sale was  of people that I met  years ago    and they saved cards from the early 1940's   each one is so sweet     the wedding cards the shower cards -  birthday cards mothers day and fathers day cards anniversary cards   holiday cards   I  have been going through them and they  are so deer the son  made cards for mom and dad when he was young    they were local   Celebrities  in a way .  Right now I feel their love for each other and  the closeness of their family. and notes  tucked inside cards are extra treats   the gift tags from the bridal shower   in  1942     I will be posting better  photos as I  get through these and sort them out   I just love em all .   the fact that I met them   years ago and  the dad worked  with my1st husband  is a bonus.  the Civil Defense   building  was in  Swansea  I  think it is gone now I'll  do a drive by one of these days .


  1. OMG you sure did get a lot of wonderful treasures, if you know me I LOVE Vintage greeting cards! Have Fun! Diane

  2. thanks Diane - it will take me a while to sort through them .