Sunday, November 13, 2011


     pancakes  with peanut butter and  jelly  ( cherry )    a medical top I  got at the Garden Ridge store  to use as a paint smock    and  when I use glue  - my clothes are a mess   hopefully it  will  help and it was a bargain a $9.99.  the cute   vintage Christmas stockings were a rummage sale find  and so  wonderful I had to get them  and the mirror  was  free - yes free  - I stopped at an estate sale that ended early  the lady said the leftovers  are over there help yourself   take what you want  - I saw the  mirror  and   took it .

        I tossed and turned last night . I went to an estate sale and saw  some mid century modern  folding  chairs. and thought about them all evening  today was 1/2 price day and I   I got up  so early  and waited in line for the sale to open   and got them -   I knew my daughter would like them and they would make the perfect Christmas gift. I sent  the photo to her in an email  she said yes she loved them .  I don't get to see or talk to her as often as I would like, She and  her husband Mike  will come down from Chicago for  Thanksgiving.   I will get to see her on her visit   yay ! - They have many places to go   friends and family   will keep them busy. I will give them to her then  they will go to  New York for Xmas  I think .  this is a photo from the estate sale -  cool huh ?   I was so afraid I would   sleep late and miss them  -  but  I got there  and  Jason  helped me put them in the car -  Hes is the owner of Kiel estate sales   and  since I like them, I met him at one and  just love him -  his are the best  sales he  prices are fair and  his  workers have things so neat and tidy  and organized - I have gone to some  that are - well  - not as tidy and organized .  Estate sales are  the Best for someone  looking for  good  used furniture   -  dishes, cookware, any thing for a house hold - and many times  collectibles   toys  holiday decorations  -  I get a sense of the  people  by looking at their stuff -  the  coffee pot  the dishes the  linens   the kitchen and living rooms  the bedrooms  -  many are deceased  or moved in with family or a senior living center   some are  just downsizing  and  moving into an apartment or closer to family . what ever the reason   I look at their  much loved  items they kept for  sometimes many years   and feel a kindred spirit with them. I am often tempted to buy  a lot    but tell myself "focus  Pat "  I did get some  things for myself yesterday  at the sale and a yard sale on  my street - some suitcases for decoupage   and  some  vintage tablecloths   I have them soaking in  Biz   some  Christmas   ornaments  a used glue gun and a bunch of glue sticks .   yep it  has been a good thrifty weekend .

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