Sunday, September 25, 2011

More from the estate sale

 I went back today      I just love the house  but I   am ready to adopt the  couple  there  .     nice is not  a good enough  word  -  I know  if given a chance to meet I would have like their parents,    I sure hope they  find homes for the  many wonderful pieces of furniture    they have left   I  will post    the site on   my facebook page .   the house is for sale  also  -   actually  they have 2 properties on the same street for sale .    it is  204  Shiloh  Ht's   rd on Shiloh  IL.
I got a bunch of  cool keys to  make charms   with and   an awesome  book  in German   by Wilhelm Busch    it has lots of   illustrations  in it  he  is  famous for this  -   and I got some   trading cards  in German  I found a   flickr   friend in Germany that has  many sets of these cards  I can't wait to share  them .   2 pieces of a nice old canister set I will put some of my many   spoons and  spatulas in .

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