Sunday, March 13, 2011

Herstory weekend

Herstory was a fun  series of events I had some of my recycle art at The Ground Floor - where the  last 2 days events took place - wonderful  musical artists -  a  face painter  that kept quite  busy
-Hey grownups like  face painting fun too !
2 young ladies were teaching  Crochet  -  I got a quick lesson  thanks neighbors -  great gals too.
they have Tshirts -  cleaver pins -  raffles food   a great time for a good cause  . I am so happy to be part of  it .

or go to the TOCO   shop  and buy or donate
it's at the corner of 9th street and West Main st. in Belleville IL.


  1. I love recycled art! I just found an old wooden box at the thrift and bought my first jar of Modge Podge. I can hardly wait to get started!

  2. have any questions just ask I will be happy to help- I prime my case first with a coat of mod podge.