Thursday, December 30, 2010

reflecting on 2010

  for some reason this year  has gone by so quickly , maybe it's me  I am  thinking of all the things  that happened this year . in my life and  in the world .
 I gained a son in law  (thumbs up)
Much happiness to
Rachel and Mike
I have many opportunities to help  in local charities  this year and got to know some pretty good people   thanks TOCO shop for being a great part of the community  and I have such good friends in  Flickr and Facebook.  and of course some wonderful blog friends   I love sharing projects and ideas with them  - they are a clever group  and inspire be to get off my ass and start a  project or finish an old one ... thanks so much  fellow bloggers ... I have worked on a lot of art  and am very proud of it.  I hope to do more next year .
I have a loving husband and son  I am so thankful for .  they keep it real as Dr Phil would say ...
I have  many ideas I want to work on - many projects I want to finish - looking forward to  2011.

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